Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Get lashed

Perfecting the application of false lashes is laced with a magnitude of problems; glue not sticky enough, one side of the lash pinging off before you've properly placed the other and the sheer frustration of applying one lash perfectly before being mocked by the 2nd who will simply not adhere to your lid.

Like many girls I've walked this path on more than one occasion, ultimately leading to me giving up and not wasting my time or money. Now, this was until I got given a pair of Dainty Doll lashes (the Dainty Doll range is a make-up line designed by Nicola Roberts and predominately targeted at porcelain complexions). Even though I'm not really the target market for these falsies I really wanted to give them a whirl as they looked gorgeous (far from the overbearing lashes a la Jordan or the members of TOWIE).

As you can see the packaging is super cute (like the rest of the Dainty Doll range) and the lashes themselves are particularly delicate, perfect for accentuating what nature blessed you with, and not leaving looking like a drag queen.

If you take any word of advice from this blog let it be this - don't be fazed by the fact these lashes are brown. I wore mine with black mascara and you really could not tell the difference. The glue is also FANTASTIC (the Dainty Doll lash range was made by Eylure - one of the best lash manufacturers out there) and the impeccably high standards of Eylure are definitely reflected in these lashes - personally, I found them a lot easier to apply than the Girls Aloud lashes! Here's a pic of the lashes on:

Will I be buying these lashes again? Yes! Although I'm still tempted by the Shu Uemura ones... hmm!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lets crimp!

For about half a year I've been obsessed with the idea of crimping my hair. From the catwalk heralding extreme backcombed locks to high street nods toward the trend, crimping has been everywhere - except on my head!

At 5.25pm today I was called into the boardroom at work. Being called into this apprentice-style room typically fills me with fear (based on nothing but the unknown) and today my trepidation was met with a table filled with goodies from professional haircare brand Diva Professional. For those, like myself, who hadn't heard of the brand before they sell heat styling tools (everything from hair dryers to... CRIMPERS!)

I was so excited to try the crimpers and quickly set about abandoning all thoughts of work while the ends of my hair were crimped (see below!):

The crimpers are super small but super powerful! I was dubious as I looked at them more closely (they seem quite flimsy and fit in the palm of my particularly small hands) but they actually pack quite a punch and get hot quickly. It also doesn't take long at all to leave your hair crimped - all in all a fantastic crimping experience!

I would really recommend anyone who wants to try the crimped look without spending a lot of money to try these (they retail at £24.95 - not bad at all!). I love them as they leave your hair with a tight, crimped pattern - a more modern take on the original 80's do!

I also received a Diva Pro Dryer in orange. Can't wait to try this out, and it looks awesome!

Will its good looks meet my expectations? I hope so! I'm smitten with Diva Professional. Why not check them out for yourselves! Move over ghd?!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Nicki Minaj teams up with OPI!

Today was a typically busy, slightly stressful day in the office. What could cheer a girl up who's knee-deep in work? Cakes? Or even a balloon? In fact, today the answer was pure and simple: OPI.

I opened my inbox to discover an invitation to the top secret launch of the long-awaited Nicki Minaj for OPI collection. Teaming her love for cartoon brights and out-there hues I was not disappointed when I stumbled across the shade range we could expect from the collection.

Including a new SHATTER - yep nail art fans prepare to swoon - this hot selection of tones is totally Nicki and therefore totally down my street. 'Save me' (the third bottle from the left) is my sell-out prediction.

Upon return from the launch I'll be lucky enough to hold some sample pots in my hands, and I'll waste no time at all in blogging on them for your pretty little peepers. Ooh I wonder how 'Fly' would look under shatter coat 'Super Bass'... watch this space as I shall investigate ASAP!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Prada Candy: Fragrance Review

I very rarely find a perfume I like. When I find a good'un I tend to stick to it which typically results in me wearing the same fragrance for years on end. This obviously isn't a good tactic as after a while your nose adjusts to the same scent and you end up never being able to smell it (and where's the fun in that right?!).

To date my favourite fragrances are Vera Wang Princess, Anna Sui Dolly Girl and bizarrely Burberry Classic (I inherited this from my younger sister and I ended up liking it an awful lot!). To those out there who are familiar with the scents I listed above you'll probably start to understand the type of fragrance I like; girly and sweet. A lot of perfumes on the market aren't as sweet as Vera Wang Princess or Anna Sui Dolly Girl - I'm pretty sure this was discontinued anyway, such a shame - which makes perfume shopping that bit more difficult for those on the hunt for something a little sugary.

That was - until my recent trip to Italy. Waiting at the airport in Rome (great Duty free area here by the way girls!) I stumbled upon the new Prada perfume 'Candy'. I was instantly excited by the name as I love sweet scents - and I was not disappointed.

Described as an 'elegant mix of musks in the top, a sensual balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart and sweet modern caramel in the base of the fragrance' - this scent is perfect for those who love vanilla scents (if you like Princess, then I'm pretty sure you'll love this!). The packaging is sleek with a slight vintage feel and really stands out from the perfume-bottle crowd. In sum - I love it, and my boyfriend does too! Will it replace my beloved Vera Wang scent... stay tuned.

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