Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lets crimp!

For about half a year I've been obsessed with the idea of crimping my hair. From the catwalk heralding extreme backcombed locks to high street nods toward the trend, crimping has been everywhere - except on my head!

At 5.25pm today I was called into the boardroom at work. Being called into this apprentice-style room typically fills me with fear (based on nothing but the unknown) and today my trepidation was met with a table filled with goodies from professional haircare brand Diva Professional. For those, like myself, who hadn't heard of the brand before they sell heat styling tools (everything from hair dryers to... CRIMPERS!)

I was so excited to try the crimpers and quickly set about abandoning all thoughts of work while the ends of my hair were crimped (see below!):

The crimpers are super small but super powerful! I was dubious as I looked at them more closely (they seem quite flimsy and fit in the palm of my particularly small hands) but they actually pack quite a punch and get hot quickly. It also doesn't take long at all to leave your hair crimped - all in all a fantastic crimping experience!

I would really recommend anyone who wants to try the crimped look without spending a lot of money to try these (they retail at £24.95 - not bad at all!). I love them as they leave your hair with a tight, crimped pattern - a more modern take on the original 80's do!

I also received a Diva Pro Dryer in orange. Can't wait to try this out, and it looks awesome!

Will its good looks meet my expectations? I hope so! I'm smitten with Diva Professional. Why not check them out for yourselves! Move over ghd?!


  1. hahha at the boardroom!! but ooo that looks so fun! might have to check this out for myself! xx

  2. I cant get over how well you pull off crimped hair. I cant do it, my hairs too short. So looking at yours will have to do ;) <3 xxx

  3. Thanks Jess! Why dont you try mini crimpers, much better for short hair :) xxx