Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dressing up ASOS

Last night instead of getting on with packing (I'm moving to South London today), I decided to  have a browse around on ASOS just for interest's sake, and of course ended up buying something. This ASOS Skater Dress is what caught my eye and made its way into my basket somehow and I somehow ended up buying it... oops! At just £35 I think it's quite a bargain so I'm not too remorseful... and it's pretty!

Like most girls after I bought the dress I was instantly thinking about how I could style it up. During a spare procrastinatory hour today I ended up browsing the online shelves of Harrods, Selfridges etc. and decided I'd share my Polyvore set - how I would dress up this ASOS dress if I had unlimited funds. I actually found it really fun so I think I'll do it again - let me know if you'd like me to share it on here!


 Dressing up ASOS

Givenchy tote handbag
£1,325 -

Vivienne Westwood solitaire jewelry
$95 -

Ray-Ban wayfare sunglasses
$145 -


  1. I really enjoyed that, *sigh* if only we had unlimited funds. :( I got introduced to the asos polyvore I find it so great. Loved this post, and hope the move goes or went well.


    1. Thanks Vanese - it's great to know you liked the Polyvore set, although it is quite dangerous to browse all these lovely accessories I don't have a hope of affording. The move went well thank you, aside from my sat nav breaking down in central London! Have a lovely Easter and thanks for your kind comments xo

  2. ASOS is my new obsession!

  3. You should use ASOS fashion finder ( if you like Polyvore- kinda the same thing but within the ASOS community. Its kinda cool.