Friday, 27 April 2012

Topshop ? Ring

It takes a strong person to resist a Topshop sale. It takes even more of a strong person to resist a 20% off EVERYTHING in Topshop sale a mere 50 feet from your office, so of course - I succumbed to the lure of shopping.

I work in Wimbledon, opposite a department store called Elys. Elys may be lesser-known than stores like Debenhams and John Lewis, but it boasts a fantastic selection of brands - from the likes of Topshop through to Melissa for Vivienne Westwood, and in beauty everything from Dior through to Laura Mercier. In short, it's a dream slash nightmare to work a minute away from its doors.

Today Ely's are doing a 20% off everything sale (10% in beauty) and I took a peek during my lunch hour to pick up some bargains. I thought I'd share the Topshop Questionmark Ring I picked up for a mere £4!

Topshop Freedom Questionmark Ring

Topshop Freedom Questionmark Ring
So if you fancy picking up some Topshop, or other bargains in Elys today I suggest you head down before 9pm to make the most of this fab sale!



  1. looks amazing! super cute blog! xx

  2. That ring is lovely xx

  3. love the ring so cute!