Sunday, 11 March 2012

Broadway Nails

A few weeks ago I picked up a set of nail jewels in Superdrug by a brand called Broadway Nails. I hadn't heard of Broadway before, but I've been meaning to order some nail jewels from eBay for ages, so when I saw them in Superdrug I thought I may as well give them a whirl as they were priced at just £5.99.

Set of Broadway nail jewels
I know you get a lot more for your money on eBay, but I couldn't resist the cute little hearts and pearls in the Broadway kit. The kit also contains a cuticle stick, nail glue and top coat - everything you need to place your jewels in place and keep them there!

To start with, I painted my nails in Sally Hansen Sheer Me Now Polish (two coats).

Sally Hansen Sheer Me Now
Sheer Me Now is a gorgeous creamy-beige and is perfect for a sophisticated or understated nail look.

I then stuck the silver and pearl-like jewels onto one nail using the provided tools. I'm actually pretty impressed with the staying power of the glue and topcoat - I put the jewels on last night and not one came un-stuck over night!

It's pretty hard to capture what the nail looks like in reality and I don't think the photos do it 100% justice - just imagine a little Swarovski nail glittering compared to the rest of my quite plain nails. It looks cute!



  1. This looks great definitely fancy giving this a go! Does it give you instructions on how to remove them too?

    I've seen some nail transfers/stamps from topshop I fancy trying out too

    Please visit my blog :)

    1. I picked up those Topshop stickers at the weekend - I'll be posting on these very soon! Will check out your blog now :) xo

  2. Wow this is amazing! New follower! :) Love the nail!!!

    1. thanks for following, i'll check your blog out now :) xo