Saturday, 3 March 2012

Love Hearts Fragrance

I blogged earlier this week on the fact I gave up sweets and biscuits for Lent (I have a super sweet tooth), and everywhere I go I seem to see sweets taunting me! This was the case today when I headed into Boots and spotted a Love Hearts Fragrance - yep the same company who make the delicious (sigh) sweets.

I'd never actually seen this fragrance before - I was definitely intrigued, and yes, they smell just like the sweets!

Want to smell like a Love Heart...?
I'm a massive fan of sweet perfumes like Prada Candy and Vera Wang Princess Night, but this scent was even a step too far for me (the 'Orange Fizz' fragrance smelled like Fanta!). The best of the bunch was 'Berry Blast' - but priced at £5 and very, very sweet I think their target market is more likely to be young girls investing in their very first perfume (aww!).

Berry Blast - the best of a very sweet bunch

The packing is really cute too, but I think smelling like a sweet when I'm not allowed them would just be a little too frustrating. I'm a little sorry I didn't buy one of the scents as they were really cheap, but I'm sure they'll make a little girl very happy!


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  1. Sorry, I have to disagree with the age group attracted to this scent.........I am nearer to sixty than six and have already purchased four bottles, including one for my thirty seven year old daughter and we both adore the fragrance.
    My personal favourite is Orange Fizz, it's so fresh and vibrant - nothing like Fanta!!
    Well done Swizzels Matlow.........yummy Love Hearts sweets and now the perfect fragrance to match at a bargain price!!