Friday, 2 March 2012

Golden Leopard Nails

A few days ago I blogged on my opaque, white Kim Kardashian style nails. As much as I love this look I thought I'd give my mani a bit of an update - gold leopard print style-ee!

Bling bling nails

For the golden spots I used Model's Own Gold Rush - a really pigmented, shimmery gold (it's lovely!)

And for the black dots and lines I used the Model's Own Nail Art pen and drew them on by hand.

As you can see the nib is really fine, which makes drawing free-land a lot more easy!

You can pick up Model's Own polishes online here and in Boots, although I randomly got my black nail art pen in Urban Outfitters and my white pen from ASOS! ASOS often do sales in their beauty department, so it's a great place to watch for a bargain!



  1. wow looks so good!!

    Marie x

  2. This is lovely and I love the all white nails too,its difficult to find a good white polish x

  3. i'd 100% recommend trying jessica - i usually do 2 coats and it's 100% opaque xo

  4. This looks so good :)

    Laura xoxo