Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dainty Doll Eyeliner (a range by Nicola Roberts)

I'm not usually a massive fan of celebrity makeup lines, so I was really surprised to discover just how lovely the Dainty Doll collection by Nicola Roberts is. Branded as a range for the very pale, I tried her false lashes and black eyeliner out of curiosity rather than necessity (I'm not particularly pale) and was amazed with the products! You can read all about my experience with the lashes here, but today I'm going to rave about the black eyeliner pencil.

Firstly, you may think what's the point in investing in a more premium eyeliner rather than opting for a highstreet brand (Dainty Doll eyeliners retail at £10), and I'd be the first to agree with you as eyeliners are basic part of every woman's makeup bag but - here's the real selling point for me - I have incredibly watery eyes and this is the ONLY pencil I've ever tried that I can use in the inner rim of my eye.

Great coverage on the inner eye rim

In the past I've only been able to use eyeliner underneath the eye which isn't a look I'm particularly keen on, but now I can achieve the look I prefer thanks to Dainty Doll. I'd urge anyone who suffers from watery eyes (a common problem) to give this liner a try - it really works wonders and stays on practically all day even with my watery eyes!

You can only buy Dainty Doll in Harrods and on and I think I've seen it in some of the larger Boots stores in London. I honestly love this product - I don't think I'll ever find a liner that works as well!

Thanks Nicola :)



  1. looks like a great product!

    1. it's amazing, 100% one of the best products I've tried. Dainty Doll is supposed to be the same quality as Dior makeup! xo

  2. you can also get discounted Dainty Doll makeup from :)