Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Primark bargain every make-up junkie needs

I thought I'd do a quick post today on a lovely little bargain I picked up in every deal-hunters favourite store; Primark. Like most girls, I go through make-up bags quite quickly (they tend to get dirty just as soon as I put my make-up into it due to spills, smudges and me being too lazy to always put lids on), so I thought it was about time I treated myself to a new make-up bag.

When in Westfield (the new Stratford one) - I picked up this lovely floral make-up bag with two see-through compartments - perfect for storing brushes away from make-up to help them keep clean! It's a great 'travel' or 'overnight' size rather than something to store everything in, but it's proved really handy and it looks super cute, and at just £2 I don't think you could complain!

I'm looking to invest in some Muji storage pretty soon for the rest of my make-up. Nothings more satisfying than having your make-up all neatly stored (call me geeky but I don't care!)



  1. Love this make-up bag! The flower print is so cute xo

  2. This print is adorable. I want this:)
    sara xx

  3. Really like this, very cute! xx

  4. Oh wow. so pretty! What a total bargain!! I'm going to be heading down Primark in a hurry :) xx

  5. Ooooh so pretty!!

  6. thank you everyone :) it's such a find!! xo

  7. oh wow this is adorable!