Monday, 5 March 2012

Models Own Launch New Nail Pens!

I'm a massive fan of the original black and white Model's Own Nail Art pens (see my blog on leopard nail art here), so I was thrilled to see they've just launched new shades in pink, blue and yellow! I'm going to place an order right now and will blog just as soon as I get them!

Models Own Nail Art Pens
For those of you unfamiliar with the Nail Art pens from Models Own, they were created in conjunction with super cool nail salon WAH nails (they have nail bars in the Topshop on Oxford Street, Westfield and in Dalson), and they make nail art really easy, even for the most shakey of hands.

I'll need to get my thinking cap on of the types of designs I'll want to create with the new shades. Crazy leopard designs are going to be a must!



  1. I requested samples but was SO rejected! Grrr. :) can't wait to try them. When are they out again? Next week?
    Great post doll. X

    1. They're out now - I placed an order for them today! :) thanks lovely xo

  2. I need these in my life.
    I want to try my hand at the eyeball nail!

    1. get them! i'm so excited for them to arrive :) xo