Tuesday, 13 March 2012

nails inc. go fruity!

First the magnet - and now scented polishes! nails inc. have been pulling out the stops recently to stay ahead of the nail curve and I have to say I'm intrigued to give their scented polishes a sniff. I've scoured the web (well googled a set of key words) but seem to be returning nothing on the range so I thought I'd break the news on my blog and keep my eyes peeled for any updates.

Dubbed 'Juicy Sheer' it seems nails inc. aren't giving much away at this stage. How do you feel about scented polishes? I'm sure we've all dabbled in the idea - but are you convinced? I'll be sure to head to my local Debenhams to smell these polishes once they've launched, but will I be buying? That remains to be seen! Call me crazy but I actually like the smell of regular polish...



  1. As long as they look good, not just smell. I used to have some when I was younger I think. I also had GLOW IN THE DARK nail polish from Claires Accessories... they should bring that back! xx

  2. Yeahhh they should!! Clubbing nails :) xxx

  3. Rimmil have some scented ones out at the moment! I got one called Cranberry Zest. Good consistancy and it smells lush. They only have a few scented ones though. Thought you might like to know if you didnt already =] (btw loving following the blog and your twitter)x