Friday, 16 March 2012

Floral top knot

I love top knots. I think they are such a simple hairstyle to do, yet look so glam and really on-trend. I use a Primark Hair Doughnut to bolster the size of my bun, but I don't feel you necessarily need to have a doughnut in your hair to pull it off!
Floral Top Knot

As well as looking really chic, top knots are great when your hair's a little dirty, or like me, goes mad overnight and is beyond sorting in the small amount of time I have in the morning. This morning, was one of those days - so I reached for my trusty doughnut but gave it a little twist - I wrapped a Topshop Floral Headband around my bun and thought it actually looked pretty good. I even got some compliments at work!

Has anyone else tried accessorising their top knots? I'll be experimenting a lot more with different hair accessories in the future!