Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dior vs. Sunshimmer

It's no secret that Dior Diorskin Shimmer Amber Diamond is on the wish lists of most make-up lovers out there. After being introduced to it I was totally addicted (I have 02 Amber Diamond) and wear it almost daily as I really can't get over just how beautiful it makes my skin look. Most girls know that when you have that make-up staple that completes your routine, losing it/running out of it on any day would be bad enough - but I actually lost my Dior Highlighter on the morning of the first day of fashion week. Yep - as first world pains go, that one was pretty bad.

I searched around to find something I could use to highlight my features - almost settling for Benefit High Beam (which I much prefer for adding depth under my brows), and came across the suspciously similiar Sunshimmer 3 in 1 Shimmering Bronzer.

Dior vs. Sunshimmer
At just £5.99 the Sunshimmer dupe served me well in my hour of need. It is a lot less shimmery than the Dior palette, but in terms of highlighting it really did look almost identical. I bought the Dior palette for £36ish, which is pretty much at the top end of how much I'd like to spend on my make-up. In short, I think the Sunshimmer palette does a fantastic job at the price it's sold at... but if you really want an indulgent make-up spend I'd 150% recommend trying the Dior palette as it's absolultely my favourite piece of make-up I own (well, probably!)

The palette spectrum is really similiar - just less shimmer!
Dior - it's just lovely!
A great pre-payday alternative
Will you be breaking the bank for Dior or looking after those pennies with Sunshimmer?



  1. It's a pretty good substitute and looks like a great back up. But the Dior seems to have a luminosity to it that would get me reaching for it over the Sunshimmer.

  2. I pretty much agree with you - but it's always great as a cheap backup or maybe taking to a festival! xoxo