Monday, 27 February 2012

Dove - the best of budget haircare

Whether it's poor money-management or simply being unable to resist that dress or those shoes, I think it's safe to say that most of us struggle when the end (or typically for me, middle) of the month rolls around. Although it's lovely to treat your hair to Kerastase or Redken daily, the price tags of these hairdresser staples sometimes make it impossible for us to use on a daily basis.

Full disclosure: I bleach my hair (have done for about 7 years), I put heat on my hair, I back-comb my hair and it is very, very long. Not to mention thick and wavy. As you can imagine, I need a pretty robust product to ensure my hair doesn't look like a nest.

I've relied upon the Dove Intensive Repair range to keep my hair shiny and manageable during those periods of time I can't afford a luxury label and I was extremely pleased to find that this range performs on par with the brands I've listed above.

I love you Dove Intensive Repair!
Typically I use Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner (I'm using this product at the moment), and apply it to damp hair (I use about half a palm full as I need a lot of product to ensure my hair isn't dry) and then comb it through my hair from the roots to the tips using a medium size tooth comb. This helps seal the cuticles and ensures when I come to brush my hair post-shower I can actually get my brush through it without breaking the ends of my hair.

I also recently trialled the Daily Treatment Conditioner (I got a sample in a magazine) and was thrilled at the results! I'd probably use this in place of my conditioner on a daily basis as my hair needs as much nourishment as it can get!

I'll be investing in this product next!
In my opinion this range is way better than Aussie - although Aussie smells absolutely delicious.

Has anyone else tried the range?


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