Sunday, 12 February 2012

Models Own & Filthy Gorgeous Nails

Hi everyone, apologies for dropping off the blogging radar for the past few months - life has been a little hectic. At the end of last year I moved from Brighton where I'd lived for the last 7 (!) years and I'm back living in London (well, just on the outskirts). I now work for Coty Beauty as the first full time member on their digital team which is really exciting and I'm sure I'll talk a lot more about that in future.

Right, less biography more beauty right? Well, to kick things off I thought I'd show you one of my all time favourite nail colours: Models Own Pink Blush (is it just me, or do Model's Own polishes smell that bit nicer than the rest?!)

It's a bright, creamy pink which is perfect for summer or just adding a colour pop to outfits (I'm actually nearly at the end of this bottle and will definitely be re-purchasing).

I thought it also might be cool to talk about top coats quickly. Not overly well known but my favourite top coat as far as shine goes is the Filthy Gorgeous Top Coat. I've tried top coats from every brand from Barry M to OPI, but this is my firm favourite and delivers an extremely high wearing shine whilst helping to maintain colour longevity - in short, I'd highly recommend it.

So that's your fill for today and I promise to blog more regularly! I'm working on making my blog a lot more pretty too, so hopefully next time you visit it'll look a lot better!



  1. Gorgeous x

  2. Thanks Naniiya, I'll be sure to check your blog out too! xox

  3. Thanks Nisha! Just checked out your blog, love it! xox