Monday, 13 February 2012

MAC Creme de Nude Dupe - Topshop Nevada

It's no secret that MAC Creme de Nude is one of the most popular nude lipsticks out there and is one of my personal favourites. In my on-going search to own a vast array of flattering nude hues I stumbled upon Nevada from the Topshop cosmetics range (a range of nailcare/make-up I'm keen to investigate a little more).

On first glance Topshop Nevada bore a quite a resemblance to MAC Creme De Nude so I bought it on impulse as it was just £8. After getting it home I realised it was pretty much a dupe for the coveted Creme De Nude at half the price - and with real staying power (arguably moreso than the MAC equivalent). I've done some swatches below, and you'll see Nevada is a little more pigmented, but on your lips almost identical. A good pre-payday saviour if you need a nude lip on a budget!

With flash bottom to top: MAC Creme de Nude & Nevada Topshop

Without flash as above 

Do you know of any highstreet MAC dupes? Feel free to share your findings with me!


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