Sunday, 12 February 2012

My daily haircare arsenal

I'm pretty lucky in that I have very long, fairly thick hair. At present my hair (if pulled infront of me) comes down to my belly button, which I appreciate is rather long! My hair is also very bleached. I've gone from a mid-dark natural brown colour to a honey blonde (a la my style icon Lauren Conrad). This has obviously taken it's toll on my hair, so I do a lot to keep it healthy and avoid it breaking off. So I thought I'd do a quick post on the products I use to keep my hair in good condition.

My haircare staples!
So from left to right;

Kerastase Bain Volumactive - Although quite pricy, this is my shampoo of choice. It smells just like the hairdressers and really takes care of processed hair whilst adding a little volume. Like all good shampoos it doesn't produce much of a lather but ever since I've just it I've not got spilt ends.

OSiS Dust It - This little pot of joy is the best way of getting big hair. I love the big hair look and this stuff is great from achieving everything from a little lived-in bed head to full on Essex-style big waves. One word of caution; some people hate the texture of it (it's very matte) and don't use too much otherwise it leaves a white residue like dry shampoo. Personally I have no problem with the texture, it's just worth mentioning.

Orofluido Hair Oil - As we all know hair oils have exploded in the last year and the unpronounceable Orofluido is my oil of choice. My hair has never been so shiny - but it's best used every other wash to avoid build up.

milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream -  This is my go-to product when I have extreme knots in my hair (this occurs all too often). It smells gorgeously vanilla-y and when used on wet hair helps me brush out tangles a lot more easily. The smells lingers on your hair too which leaves it smelling really fresh and nice. Love it!

Orofluido Hair Mask - Not usually my hair mask of choice, but this mask rates well compared with the others I've used in the past. It smells lovely and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. I use this once a week to deeply condition my hair and comb it through the lengths of my hair to help smooth the cuticle and allow it work deeper throughout my hair.

Paul Mitchell Soft Style Heat Style - I try not to use heat on my hair everyday, but when I do I use this to protect my hair. It's pretty good and smells nice too.

Alterna Life Solutions Volume Restore Conditioner - I'm not very loyal to any conditioner in particular, and decided to give this one a whirl. Smells lovely but I'm not convinced it does much in terms of volume. Would I repurchase? Probably not.

TIGI Bed Head Masterclass Shine Hairspray - I love TIGI! I know a lot of people have issue with the sweet scent of their products but I love my products to smell like sweets. This hairspray gives a light hold but keeps my style in pretty well over the course of a day.

Kent Maxi Detangler - This brush is a life saver. Don't take my word for it - buy it. What can I say? It detangles like nothing else I've ever tried (personally I don't rate Tangle Teezers - this is much better for long/thick hair as its bristles are long). Love, love, love it!

TIGI Catwalk Volume Collection Weightless Shine Spray - A new addition to my haircare regime, this shine spray is just fantastic. It smells absolutely lovely and really adds a vibrant shine to your hair. I really would not be without it.


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